Shallow Water Drift Company is the official supplier of the CANADIAN ROD CASE 

Take Your Fly Rods On A Secure Epic Adventure


 CANADIAN ROD CASE: Holds four fly rods up to twelve feet in length, broken down in half, allows for the large arbor reel to remain attached.

When you arrive at your favorite fishing destination, unlock your case, slip the two sections of rod together and BAM!! you are off to catch that fish of a lifetime.

Mounts to any roof rack or truck bed rail system in minutes. 

Quality, Performance, Craftsmanship



CANADIAN ROD CASE: Is high quality steel, UV resistant black powder coated. The latches and one piece full length hinge are made from high grade stainless steel. The foam inserts and rod trays are made of UV resistant high density foam.

Canadian built; Guide built; Guide tested; and Guide used.

Cost: $650.00 dollars Canadian + shipping and handling.